Thank you for taking the time to visit Havens Retreat Day Spa which is designed for you in mind.  As the owner, I am dedicated to helping you find that peace that has been lost in your busy schedule.  Rather you need a pedicure, manicure, massage or just a place to sit and relax, I am here for you.  Please book an appointment and experience a peaceful moment for yourself. 


113 Main St, Buchanan, MI  49120


Beginning December 1, 2018

The Spa's Winter hours for appointments are as follows: (can be expanded if needed)

Closed Sunday - Tuesday

Wednesday -  Thursday 9am - 6pm  

​Friday 1pm - 6 pm

Saturday 9am - 2pm

Please make an appointment which will enable me to provide your with personalized service as you deserve.

***Weather Advisory***

Because of our lovely weather in Michigan, I will check my schedule at 8am and Noon.  If there are no appointments, the Spa will be closed.  Please make your appointments as follows below.  I am happy to be there if you need me.

I have provided 3 ways to make an appointment:

1.  Press the "Schedule Here" button on the top left side of each page.

2.  On Facebook.

3.  Call me at (269) 697-8170

Thank you,

Sherrie Daniel


Winter Hours Effective December 1, 2018

Where you can take a peaceful

moment for yourself