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Havens Retreat Day Spa,'s Conduct & Draping Policy:
(MUST be signed by all new clients)

Regrettably this must be addressed to ensure that we are both comfortable and  on the same page.

 Draping/How Much Clothing To Remove

Unsure how much clothing to remove prior to your massage? Well, that depends on your personal comfort level. Ideally, the more exposed skin the better, so most people either undress completely or just leave their underwear on; however, the choice is 100% yours. Keep in mind, you will have a sheet and/or blanket draped over you at all times and your buttocks and genitalia and breasts of female clients will be covered, even if you are fully clothed. It is our policy to discuss draping prior to each service.

Why would I need to take all my clothes off anyway?
The answer is that sometimes, the effectiveness of performing a massage is typically increased when applied directly over the tissue, without draping. Your therapist will adjust draping as he/she works to expose areas (never the genitalia) and then recover them and move on.

Your comfort level is very important to us and those it is customary to remove all clothing, you do not need to be nude underneath the draping you can leave as much clothing or as little clothing on as you like. Please do NOT remove the draping during, even if the room temperature is too warm. You can ask your therapist to adjust the room temperature, but the draping must remain on at all times.

Michigan Penal Code, Prostitution and solicitation, Section 750.448.750.462

WARNING: Due to the potential for misguided clients to make inappropriate sexual advances in this industry, we wish to prevent any embarrassing predicaments by making it clear to all clients in advance, that any solicitation for overt sexual acts, subtle hints or comments regarding “full release” or “happy endings” (even if made as a joke) will result in the immediate termination of the treatment. Please be advised that removing or attempting to remove the draping to expose genitalia or buttocks will be considered inappropriate conduct. Should you require techniques in those areas of the body, please discuss your need with your therapist prior to the treatment as it is our strict policy to call the police, file a report and follow through with the filing of charges should any misconduct or requests for illegal acts occur. Should such an unfortunate incident occur, you will be required to pay the full amount of your treatment. Failure to pay for your treatment could result in further filing of charges.

No Show/Last Minute Cancellation Policy
Due to the high-demand for appointments, we have a strict No Show/Late Cancellation policy.

Please be advised that failure to show for your scheduled appointment will result in you being charged the full amount of your scheduled treatment. Cancellations for appointments must be at least three (3) prior to your scheduled appointment or you will be charged 50% of your scheduled treatment fee. Please show up 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Your massage/treatment is set to begin at your appointment time and will end on time. Your appointment will not be extended if you are late.

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy – All records are kept strictly confidential and are subject to HIPAA compliance and will not be shared with any outside establishment, individual, organization or medical facilities without explicit written consent from the client (you) or the client’s legal guardian. Unless legally required by local, state, or federal subpoena, summons or other court order.Type your paragraph here.